Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems is introducing a new paradigm for asset management to the financial industry. Internet Based Electronic Asset Management (IBEAM™) simplifies the process for the audit, tracking, and remarketing of non-performing assets over the World Wide Web. IBEAM™, is a full service electronic asset management solution for businesses that perform consumer and/or commercial lending backed by collateral. IBEAM™ can utilize data from lenders existing systems to create an enhanced online version of a customer’s asset portfolio.


Financial Institutions can track asset/recovery status, generate reports, and determine final asset disposition with a few mouse clicks. Vehicle status is updated in near real time with details about agent activities in the field.


Detailed reports on vehicle condition are captured throughout the recovery process with photos and itemized inventory reports of personal contents. Decisions on target market value and vehicle repairs are made on line so as to optimize market value.


  • Lowers bad debt write off percentage
  • Lowers your administrative cost
  • One place to manage all your recovery cases
  • VIN validation insures the correct information is assigned to the Agents
  • We control cost by distributing it across many Lenders
  • SKIP TRACE services to help with difficult cases
  • One monthly invoice, one monthly payment
  • We handle all title work
  • Professional certified recovery agents
  • Near real time information on cases anytime anywhere via the web
  • Audit trail for each case
  • Hard cases get broader exposure through a network of agents across the US
  • We can also handle peak case loads so you don't have to hire additional staff


Our Premium Skip Trace Service is guaranteed so if we don't find the Debtor you don't pay. Once the Debtor is located, we will confirm the address by contact. Our service averages a 70% success rate; something you will never get with a database search. Stop wasting valuable time and effort on basic services. Once the debtor is located we also offer repossession services using our network of certified recovery specialists.


  • Guaranteed Location Service
  • 70%+ Location Average
  • Debtor Location Verification
  • Complete service with experienced resources that use a variety of proven location methods
  • Track the progress of the case through our patented IBEAM Portal
  • Once the debtor is located we can pick up the collateral





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