EZ-Recovery is used by our network of certified recovery agents to manage case files. An agent can perform powerful searches by VIN, geography, address, name, or any combination thereof.


Why should a recovery agent use Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems?




  • We do not charge the Agents any fees!!!
  • We do not dictate pricing!!!
  • Information on Assets & Debtors is complete and accurate
  • Changes in cases get communicated fast to agents preventing illegal recoveries and wasted time
  • Agents can add updates 24/7 online, saving time!
  • Online Condition Reports
  • We build your case load
  • Agents can promote their business to lenders
  • Agents get to focus on what they do best “repossess cars”.
  • Agents get paid quickly
  • We provide certification (training & support)
  • A finders fee is paid to all Agents that introduce us to Lenders that become customers.


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